3D Environment / Texture Artist

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I was inspired by a Blizzard concept of a Worgen house and was driven to create something similar to it. I wanted the models here to be simple but have the textures be detailed and inviting. The components of the house were modeled in Max and the ground piece along with some textures were made in Zbrush. I made my textures here with a combination of Zbrush and photoshop. For the final product I put everything into UDK and did all the lighting in the Unreal engine.

Worgen Crest - Key Asset - High Poly Zbrush Model

These are tileable textures I made in Photoshop and xNormal while using Zbrush.

Larger maps are use for what it going to be used the most, seen up close, and tiled.

These are hand painted textures made in Photoshop with normals produced using xNormal.

These are small textures which used an alpha. They were far from the camera in most shots and used sparingly.

These are some assets made in Zbrush and max and textured using Zbrush and Photoshop.

Worgen House