3D Environment / Texture Artist

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I made a base model in Max and also got my unwrap before taking it into Zbrush to sculpt out the main shapes and to polish the overall flow for both the boulder and shrub. After achieving the desired shape I added some base color to my models in Zbrush. I then took my models into Max again and applied the textures. The textures needed more color and tone so I took the texture into Photoshop and painted it more. The texture for the green leafy part of the shrub was done in Zbrush in two and a half D and I also got my alpha from Zbrush. After all texturing was done i rendered everything in Maya. I like the semi realistic, semi cartoon look to it.

Boulder and Alien Shrub

High Poly Zbrush Renders

Wireframe shot       

Poly count: Shrub: 800 triangles Boulder: 652 triangles