3D Environment / Texture Artist

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I admire Blizzards’s World Of Warcraft stylized art. Here is my study of the Goblin race. I was  inspired by playing a Goblin in the starting point, Kezan. I researched on what the town was supposed to look like and take after. I also took screen shots to acquire reference. I drew a few sketches of things I could picture being a part of the town.  After having my idea concepted and colored, I then blocked out the asset in Maya and then went in to finer shape and detail with modeling. Max was used to unwrap and then back into Maya for lighting my model went. I used Photoshop to paint my texture and tried to focus on where my light source would be coming from. I learned a lot about hand painted texturing tricks and tips from Polycount forums, and from trying it out myself. This is a result of my learning experience and study for Blizzard’s art style.

Goblin Bird Perch Light Post